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Our systems are integral and critical to manufacturing processes and as such, the level and speed of response is key to our customers.

Deploying a reliable system comes from well considered design and professional commissioning. However events and issues do happen in an automated production process. It’s at times like these that you truly start to establish how good the support is that you receive from your vendor.  

At InterVision Global we recognise the need to provide quick, reactive support in the event of a breakdown. We pride ourselves on the support we provide and offer a variety of post-installation support packages in the form of Service Level Agreements. These not only cover routine maintenance but enhancements, development and breakdown cover, including in certain instances, critical spare parts holding.

By the nature of our technology we can provide off-site and on-site support. Off-site remote support can be utilised for diagnostics, troubleshooting and deployment of software enhancements. Often customers provide us with job files and images from the system for offline analysis.

On-site support is provided when customers have the need for an Engineer to attend their site and support the system directly.




Software Support

Post-installation Software Support

We understand that enhanced software support, maintenance and commissioning after installation, play a crucial role in determining the performance and reliability of the system for years to come. Our experience tells us that customer expectations and needs change as they become familiar and reliant on the equipment.

Our contracted Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) provide our customers with an online issues reporting portal, defined response times, dedicated offsite resource, scheduled service visits and on-site emergency callouts.

Software Enhancements

We provide skilled and dedicated off-site development resource for software enhancements. Needs may change and develop as the process matures and your reliance on the system grows. We offer the ability to continually develop and enhance the system beyond the original contract specification as the need arises. Depending on the contracted SLA Agreement purchased, Software Enhancements are included.

Dedicated Off-site support

New products need to be added, existing job files need modification for a part variant, additional functionality may be required……many of our customers rely on us to help them through this process. We support and provide this service on a day rate or as part of a contracted SLA. Additional days can be purchased should they be required to accelerate the speed of development. 
System Set-up

System Set-up

A critical part of our contract to supply an integrated machine vision inspection system is the commissioning and handover on-site. Our systems are carefully designed to deliver reliability however over time circumstances change, equipment gets knocked and sensors get inadvertently moved as part of maintenance. All of this impacts on the performance of the system. 

In addition processes can be modified and the needs for the Operator's interaction can change, and additional diagnostics that can be identified to help monitor the processes.   All of these evolving needs, as well as day-to-day Operational support issues are addressed as part of our Service Level Agreement or ‘SLA’. This enhanced service level agreement ensures maximum uptime of your systems’ performance, on-going enhancements and upgrades where required.  

How do we provide long term system support to our customers?  

Service Desk - A single point of contact is provided where customers can receive ‘on demand’, immediate telephone support or to log a support call. 

Online Task Management Tool - We provide an online tool which customers’ personnel are granted access to log on to:
  • Report, update and monitor the status of tasks
  • To enhance and fix problems that may arise
  • Determine what resource has been allocated
  • Determine expected delivery deployment dates and time utilisation

Scheduled Service visits – we attend site at a time agreed with you to survey, modify, adjust and report back to you on your systems' performance.  

On-site Callouts per year - A number of included daily callouts in a given 12 month period.

Response Time - A guaranteed service level response time, from diagnosis and acknowledgement of the issue.

Spare Parts Holding - InterVision Global offer the ability to hold critical spare parts on consignment stock for immediate worldwide calloff by our customers. A contract premium applies in this instance but it ensures that spares parts are guaranteed to be readily available.