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Utilising the very latest technologies, we are able to source vision hardware from leading suppliers to suit the individual requirements of each specialised industry and each customised project.

In order to do this effectively, we take great effort to understand your challenges and whether it be an ‘off the shelf’ product or a bespoke lighting or optical system, our application team have extensive knowledge in our specialised industries and a conscientious attitude to provide a robust and reliable solution.

Being independent from any of our suppliers, we are in a strong position to find the right components for you and your application. Our expertise is in designing solutions which harness the capabilities of each component to create a single integrated system which has:
  • User friendly operations - easy and intuitive to use and understand and operate
  • Reliability - to produce reliable results under varying conditions
  • Repeatability & Accuracy - a system that is highly accurate and repeatable
  • Feedback - providing relevant quantitative & qualitative data for analysis

We work with many vendors including:-
  • Cognex InSight SmartCameras
  • Cognex VisionPro
  • Microscan Vision Systems
  • DALSA, Baumer, Basler, Allied Vision Technologies
  • Common Vision Blox
  • DCM Systems
  • TPL
  • Microscan Nerlite