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Vision Supplies
Intervision Global is a solution based business that provides Vision Systems to the production lines within various industries. To compliment this integral side of our business, we have an ecommerce website called Vision Supplies, which facilitiates the build of our own machines and offers tens of thousands of visionary, sensory & verification parts other machine builders all over the world.

Whether you need cameras, lenses, LMS’, barcode readers, machine vision lighting, sensors, filters, printing systems, safety curtains, verification systems or accessories, we sell and ship worldwide.    

Stress free delivery
When machines breakdown due to part failure it can be hugely costly and can have devastating effects on production time & efficiency. At Vision Supplies we understand that if our clients need a spare part for their machine, they need it fast! Which is why we sell and ship worldwide and offer an express delivery service and next day delivery to the east coast of the US as well as accepting multi-currency payments.