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IV Guardian Software  

Ease of use and interaction with the system are key to the usability of any automated system. These interfaces are critical to the ease of use of the system and ensure strict compliance to a process. User Interfaces provide the Operators and Associates with the resource to run their machine in an environment that is familiar to them and relevant to the business requirements.  

At InterVision our User Interface IV Guardian pulls together all the technologies, including third party equipment, and presents all the data and run time information to the Operator in the one location. This provides seamless integration, compiles data and statistics, fixture information, false reject rates and wider general reporting whilst showing real-time images on-screen.  

Importantly as we are not tied to individual manufacturers so we are able to source the best vision hardware & software as well as develop custom specific software algorithms to suit the individual requirements of customers' complex applications.   The key features of IV Guardianare:-
  • IV Guardian provides a runtime GUI, allowing the user to visualize the inspection process in real time.
  • Access is strictly by username and password. Access level can be set so that the functionality available to each user is controlled
  • IV Guardian allows the user to browse through recent inspections via a FIFO control
  • We develop our own image processing algorithms where applicable
  • Our software continues to be developed to meet GAMP standards
  • All software is fully documented and tested. Strict internal test processes ensure that we deliver repeatable, reliable solutions
We work with many software providers including:-
  • Cognex VisionPro and In-Sight Explorer
  • Stemmer CVB, CVB Minos and CVB Manto
  • Microscan AutoVision and Visionscape
  • Open CV